Vaporus Salt Nix 500ML


Made to order 500ml and 1000ml bottles, please note that your order may require an additional processing time of up to 10 business days.   Vaporus Salt Nix   Iced Watermelon - Iced...

Flavour: Iced Watermelon

Iced Watermelon
Bright Apple
Great Grape
Peach Please
Banana Ice
Frozen Strawberry
Icy Mango
Northern Classic
Neon Berries
French Vanilla
Spring Mint
Arctic Menthol
Peachy Mango

Size: 500 ML

500 ML

Nic Strength: 10 MG

10 MG
20 MG
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Made to order 500ml and 1000ml bottles, please note that your order may require an additional processing time of up to 10 business days.


Vaporus Salt Nix


Iced Watermelon - Iced Watermelon is our newest yearlong summer flavour. This undeniably fresh, and sweet flavour will satisfy users yearning for a true classic

watermelon flavour enhanced by a touch of ice.

Bright Apple - Bright apple is a clever blend of sour granny smith apple, with the sweetness of a crisp red delicious.  Reminiscent of sour green apple treats,
Bright Apple is sure to stay relevant thanks to its supportive notes of
natural fresh apple.

Great Grape - A super-chew purple grape flavour! This seriously delicious purple grape e-liquid is a sweet delight!

Peach Please - Mind your manners with Peach Please! A sweet and juicy peach candy that’ll make your mouth pucker with a mild cooling effect.

Banana Ice - If banana flavours in e-liquid has always been a hit or miss affair,
Banana Ice by Salt NIX is sure to be a hit!  The only Banana e-liquid
that tastes like the real, fresh fruit!

Frozen Strawberry - Frozen Strawberry is here, at last!  No compromises were made on this iconic, and so requested flavour profile. This ice-cold, perfectly juicy, sweet and bright strawberry claims its relevance over other strawberry flavours by its impressive accuracy and its carefully measured flavour intensity that will end anyone's quest for the perfect strawberry flavour.  The addition of a cooling effect when enjoyed, ties the knot beautifully by keeping its finish light, and fresh

Icy Mango - Icy Mango lets you experience a bite of fresh mango with every inhale!  It is an extremely accurate representation of the real fruit, enhanced by an ice-cold sensation from start to finish.  Let its juiciness along with its refreshing effect make every day feel like the first day of summer.

Northern Classic - Often tobacco e-liquids are clouded with other flavourings that take away from the natural richness featured in its profile. Northern Tobacco e-liquid is a straightforward flavour that features our renowned blonde Canadian tobacco and is the ideal flavour for all those looking for an aromatic and satisfying experience.

Neon Berries - Our fan favorite! A sugary-sweet vape packed with a blend of wild berries. Neon Berries e-liquid has a sweet berry inhale and a sharp blue raspberry exhale. It features notes from over six different kinds of berries to create a flawlessly balanced mix of sweet and tart.

French Vanilla - French Vanilla is our signature dessert e-liquid of this line for good reason! This incredibly silky vanilla custard vape boasts rich and luxurious flavour in its balanced mix of sweet vanilla and creamy French custard.

Spring Mint - On the hunt for the best mint flavor? Try Spring Mint and see why vapers keep coming back for more. Conventional mint e-liquids tend to favor the icy cool sensation of menthol whereas Spring Mint takes a fresh spin on the flavour by mixing sweet spearmint and bright peppermint to perfection.

Arctic Menthol - Enjoy an ice-cold experience with Arctic Menthol!  This icy flavour is sure to freshen your breath and stimulate your taste buds.

Peachy Mango - Let everyday be a beach day and enjoy a tropical lifestyle with Peachy Mango! An exotic mango e-liquid with light hints of peach, this blend boasts a flavour packed inhale and a incredibly mellow exhale.


Available in 500ML

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