Why Vaping Has Become the Tool to Quit Smoking

How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking

Vaping has become the best tool to quit smoking. It's one of the most effective methods of smoking cessation available and is relatively safe. It's also inexpensive and accessible when compared to many other methods. To fully understand why vaping is so effective at helping people quit smoking though requires a slightly deeper understanding of how cigarette addiction works and how vaping addresses it.

Vaping Addresses all Phases of Tobacco Addiction

Smoking is a chemical addiction. While nicotine receives all of the attention because of its addictive nature, you actually take in more than 4,000 chemicals when you inhale cigarette smoke. Fifty of these are known carcinogens, and more than 200 have adverse health risks beyond causing cancer. Electronic cigarettes address these dangers by delivering nicotine to the body without the added risks associated with other harmful chemicals. In fact, the UK's National Health Service considers vaping to be 95 percent safer than smoking cigarettes.

Cigarette addiction goes deeper than just the chemical addiction associated with nicotine. There are psychological and emotional elements that patches, pills and gums have no way of addressing. For some, the simple act of drawing in smoke has been described as sensual. Vaping addresses this side very nicely. Other people have reported a feeling of loss or separation anxiety when they quit using tobacco. Being a smoker is part of their identity and gives them a feeling of belonging to a group — even if that group has become less socially acceptable.

When people transition to electronic cigarettes, they can view it as becoming a part of a new group. They are now vapers, an even more elite group, where before they were smokers. Instead of losing the cigs that have long been a part of their lives, they gain new toys in the form of pods, mods and atomizers.

The only things that are lost in the transition to e-cigs from tobacco eventually won't be missed. Smoking has an oral satisfaction factor that can't be ignored, and vaping addresses this in a more than satisfactory way. The wide variety of flavors available more than meets this need. The only things that are lost by switching to vape products are the stale tobacco breath and stinky clothing smokers are known for.

The Best Way to Transition to Vaping

Vaping is a world unto itself. There is an entire lexicon of terms used within the community that is rarely used outside of it. This is, in part, because there are dozens of styles of vaping and many options within each category.

That being said, this is not something to be feared but celebrated. It means, in time, you will have access to the tools needed to truly maximize your vaping pleasure. Whether you wish to find the ultimate in flavor or chuck clouds like a volcano, the possibility exists to find your ultimate setup.

To begin with, though, it is best to start out simple. Disposable vapes make it possible for people to dip their toe into vaping with little to no experience. They offer a wide variety of flavors, making it possible for you to find your palette's niche.

Perhaps most importantly, for those wanting to quit smoking, the majority of disposable vapes now use a fairly high concentration of nicotine in the form of nicotine salts. These nicotine salts make the switch from tobacco to vaping easier for most people.

Nicotine salts are fairly new to the vaping arsenal. They can be used in higher concentrations without adversely affecting flavor and are more easily absorbed by the lungs. This provides a more satisfying vape even in low-powered devices, making them ideal for use in disposable vapes by people trying to quit smoking.

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Why Vaping has Become the Tool to Quit Smoking

The dangers of smoking are well documented, and some even hold the view that cigarettes are the deadliest drug on the planet. Once addicted, escaping their grasp can be more difficult than breaking a narcotic habit.

Using a disposable vape or a more advanced vaping device has been found to be one of the most effective stop smoking aids available. They are a simple, inexpensive way to add years to your life.

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