11 Common Vape Problems and How to Fix Them

11 Common Vape Problems and How to Fix Them

We don't just sell vaping equipment. When you’re having an issue with your vape, we can always help you fix them. However, you won’t always have time to call or run to the nearest vape shop for help. So, we came up with this list of common vape problems and how you can troubleshoot them on your own.

How to Fix Common Vape Problems

Not Getting Enough Vapour

Vape juice with more VG will make clouds of vapour that are bigger and thicker. Check to see how much VG your present e-liquids have. If you're looking for a cloudy vaping experience but your current e-liquids don't have enough VG, it might be time to switch brands.

If it’s not a vape juice issue, then it could be other things.

You might want to check your mouthpiece. If you do a lot of vaping outside, your mouthpiece may get clogged with grit and dust. You can remove the mouthpiece and blow through it to clean it of any debris. However, from a vaping hygiene standpoint, it is also recommended that the mouthpiece be cleaned frequently.

If it’s not the mouthpiece, check the airflow. If the vents are totally sealed, there may be no vapour production. Open the vents if necessary after checking them.

Another reason could be your batteries. Just a general rule of thumb, the stronger the battery, the more vapour will be produced. If your current vape has a low power output, you should consider switching to a more powerful device. We recommend the INNOKIN Coolfire Z80. It has an adjustable wattage range of between 6 Watts to 80 Watts, so you can have more control over the amount of vapour you prefer.

Battery Not Working

If your vape isn't firing, the battery could be at fault, so inspect it for damage. Rust or corrosion, or even just a peeling exterior, could be the cause of the damage. If there appears to be no physical damage, a dead battery could be at blame.

Additionally, check if your battery is actually charged or activated. Make sure your manual battery is activated by clicking it three, five, or six times, depending on the model. When activated or deactivated, the button's light should flash.

You can also check for connection issues. The link between the battery and the tank may be the source of the problem. Be sure to clean the battery terminal and the bottom of your tank. Use a cotton swab or simply follow the instructions that should have been in the box of your vape.

It takes about three hours to fully charge the battery using the vape's charger. When the battery is being charged, a light will illuminate and then turn off once it is full. Be wary of charging for longer than four hours, as doing so can permanently damage the battery.

If you need battery replacements, check out our wide range of vape batteries.

Not Charging

If your vape is not charging, there could be because of a lot of reasons.

First, try and check if you’re charging it with the right cord. The wrong charger or plug is a common source of malfunctions, as we have discovered. Make sure you only use the right cables or battery chargers. Vape batteries should only be charged with the charger that came with the device, or at least the right replacement chargers.

Next, check if the ports and plugs are clean. Make sure the battery and charger terminals are clean, and if they aren't, use a cotton swab to do so. You can also try pushing in on the charging terminals and see if it’s loose or if something is preventing them from making full contact.

Before running to the nearest vape shop and buying a new charger or cord, try to figure out if the issue is that charger or the battery. Try charging your vape with a different USB cable first. If you have trouble charging with one USB cable but not another, check to see if the fault lies with the battery or the cable.

Burnt Taste

A burnt flavour will result from inhaling on your vape when there is not enough e-liquid in the tank or pod. The e-liquid in your tank won't be vaporized, but the wicking material inside the coil will be burned. The vape juice in the tank soaks into the coils through tiny holes. Never let the coil dry out by not keeping enough liquid in the tank to cover the openings. That’s usually the problem in most cases.

In some situations, you might be using the tank immediately after filling it. The coil, wick, and atomizer in most tanks need about five minutes to take up the liquid. You risk getting a nasty burnt taste if you haven't done this! Priming the coil is recommended (and necessary for low resistance coils). Dripping vape juice onto the coil and into the coil's openings is the easiest way to achieve this.

Another possible reason is your coils might be burnt. The heating element (coils) of a vape pen eventually wears out. Replaceable coils are standard on most modern vape tanks, and depending on the coil's resistance, they should be swapped out every few days to a few weeks. Tanks, pods, and cartridges with fixed coils require the replacement of the entire device.

Keep in mind that the longer you keep the button depressed, the faster the coil will wear out. You should wait a few seconds in between hits. We recommend the Innokin Sensis EZ as a great option because it utilizes coil refresh technology to re-activate the coil between puffs.

Leaking Tank

Is the tank properly installed? Double check. To properly secure your tank, first, turn it counterclockwise until you hear a click, and then turn it clockwise. Tank threading errors can be avoided in this way. If the tank doesn’t seem to tighten properly anymore, you should consider replacing your vape tank.

However, overfilling is probably the most glaring reason why your tank is leaking. If you fill your tank or pod too much with vape juice, it will leak. If there is too much vape juice in the tank, the coil can get flooded, or it might leak out of the seals when you replace the cap.

You should also try an inspect the O-rings. O-rings are used in the tank of some vape mods to prevent leaks. whether your tank is leaking, you should inspect the o-ring to see whether it has shifted or been cracked. In case this happens, some tanks include spare o-rings.

If none of these work, try switching brands. It's possible that switching to a different device brand will solve the issue if it keeps occurring. While not all of them make a big deal out of it, UWELL Caliburn G2 is one of the best leakproof vapes out there.


It is called "spitback" when heated vape juice emerges from the mouthpiece and lands on the vaper's lips or tongue. When this happens, it's usually because the beverage is too hot for the lips and causes pain and temporary numbness. You'll know exactly what we're talking about if there's a slight explosion the first time you turn on your vaporizer.

To fix this, prepare your vape coils by priming them. To prime, you should merely "paint" the exposed cotton with a bit of vape juice and wait for at least 5 minutes before firing up your device for the first time.
Next, put a paper towel under your vape and flick it down. There are a few things you can do right now if your vape is spitbacking or crackling and you don't want to buy a new coil. Instead, you can 'flick' your unit downward with a firm hold, sending the mouthpiece flying downward in a broad, speedy arc. If you attempt this over a paper towel, you'll be amazed at how much vape juice is expelled from your drip tip by the momentum of your flick.

You can also use cotton swabs to clean your tank. Remove the top of your tank, and gently dab the inside of the coil to soak up any excess vape fluid that has collected around the heating element. During coil changes, you can unscrew your tank and clean the inside with paper towels or cotton swabs, paying special attention to the area directly below the coil where a pool of vape juice often collects.

Gurgling Noise

If your vape makes a gurgling sound, it's likely because the tank or pod has become overfilled with liquid, similar to spitback and leaking tank. Other reasons also include:

  • You inhaled too forcefully
  • The tank was threaded incorrectly (always give a half turn anti-clockwise first to guarantee correct threading)
  • The tank is not securely screwed into the battery
  • You pressed the button for too long before inhalation
  • You filled the tank improperly (for example, by filling the central tube that goes through the tank).

To fix this, the coil should be cleaned or replaced by removing the drip tip and blowing through it, the tank can be cleaned by running it under hot (but not boiling) water, and the e-liquid can be drained and cleaned with some tissue paper. Before using again, make sure the coil and tank are totally free of moisture.

Generally, if you want to keep your vape from gurgling and spitting, use less liquid.


Large devices, but not pod systems or vape pens, may have a defective battery. This is the most common reason for overheating. It's also possible that you mismatched the mod and battery, causing the batteries to overheat from producing too much heat. Vape batteries may operate in environments where the temperature ranges between 60 and 78 degrees Celsius.

Too much vaping is another common cause of overheating vape. If you don't give the coil time to cool down between puffs, it will overheat and ruin your vaping experience. If you take a break from vaping, the coils will have time to cool down and you won't risk burning your mouth.

Another thing, it goes without saying that using too much of the battery's power to heat the coils can result in an unsafely hot vape. Make sure the power you're using is appropriate for the coil's resistance or your vape kit's specifications before you inhale. Most vapers utilize power levels between 50 and 75 watts, although finding the sweet spot may require some trial and error.

Keep your power usage in check, though, or you can find yourself in some steamy vapes.

Atomizer Not Working

If your vape mod gives you the message "no atomizer" or "check atomizer" whenever you push the firing button on your vape, it signifies that the coil inside your vape tank is not being read correctly. If your mod is unable to accurately read the resistance of your tank and coils, it will not be able to provide power and will not function.

The 510 connection, the vape coil, or the ancillary components could all be to blame. However, before getting too technical with your atomizer, make sure it's free of junk. To clean your vape, just use a moist towel.

If cleaning doesn’t work, over-tightening is also a frequent cause of atomizer failure. Too much pressure when screwing on the atomizer could break the connection.

You can also try switching tanks if you have access to another one. Remove the tank from your existing mod and swap it out with a new one. If your mod recognizes the replacement tank, the issue may lie in the other tank's coil. The contact points on the tank that was giving you trouble should also be cleaned.

Your coil could also be the culprit behind a check atomizer error. You can reset your coil if cleaning the contact points didn't do the trick. As if you were replacing the coil, disassemble your tank. Unfortunately, if you have a lot of vape juice remaining in your tank, this can get messy and isn't always the most convenient thing to do.

Unscrew the coil from the tank's base once you've disassembled it. Now, clean the threaded bottom of the coil where it makes contact with the tank. You should also clean the contact point on your tank. After that, you can replace the coil and refill your tank. See whether the "Check Atomizer" message disappears now. If the issue persists after attempting the aforementioned solutions, it may be time to replace the coil in your tank.

Vape Not Drawing

If you're having trouble hitting or inhaling from your gadget, make sure the power is on for your gadget. Despite how obvious it seems, forgetting that your gadget is off is a typical occurrence. Press the button on your device quickly 5 times, or 3 times for some. Doing so will activate the vape and get you puffing in no time. This is probably not the best option if your gadget lacks a button, though.

You should also try to completely recharge your battery. The fact that your vape isn’t always fully charged and ready to use is another answer that may appear obvious at first glance. Check if your device is showing full battery life on the screen or if the charging indicator light is green. In addition, if you suspect that your device is not charging correctly, you could try a new charger.

As if we haven’t said this enough, cleaning your vape can make a huge difference. Vape juice, dirt, and debris can accumulate in the device's crevices and render it inoperable. Take a cotton swab or tissue and wipe out the ports, coil, prongs, and crevices of the device. Isopropyl alcohol can be used for a more thorough cleaning as well.

Additionally, when your pod or coil is no longer producing the desired amount of vapour, or if your vape suddenly stops drawing altogether, it may be time for a replacement. Pods and coils' cotton content is only designed to last a few weeks. As the cotton deteriorates, the device's performance declines and a burnt flavour may develop. Put in a fresh pod/coil, and you should be back in business.

Vape Juice in Airflow

If you leave your vape overnight with the air holes open, the vape juice may begin to leak. If you're not going to be using your vape for a while, try to store it vertically. Avoid making a practice of setting your vape down, as doing so will lead to leaking. More often than not, this solves the problem.

Your vape juice may also seep through the cracks in your vape tank if it is not securely fastened. Tightening the tank's top and bottom will prevent any e-liquid from spilling out of the fixture. This will prevent vape juice from escaping through the tank's seams. Additionally, verify the correct insertion of your coil.