Why Should You Choose A Disposable Vape Pen?

Why Should You Choose A Disposable Vape Pen?

Businesses that deal in nicotine products have to come up with new strategies to satisfy customers who are always looking for something better. Speaking of better, you might be here looking for a better and safer alternative to smoking than conventional cigarettes. Disposable vape pens could be an excellent choice in this instance.

How Do Disposable Vape Pens Work?

Disposable vape pens are identical to regular ones, only they're far more hassle-free to use. They have a wide variety of flavours that you can choose from. The device is pre-heated and ready to create vape when you take it out of the box. The battery will also already be fully charged.

When the battery dies, you'll probably have to toss the gadget. Some disposables do not have a charging port on the device. You’ll also have to discard the used vape juice when they run out of batteries. Although, if they have a charging port, then it’s rechargeable.

Regardless, disposables function in the same way as a regular vape pen or box mod. However, the coil in a disposable vape pen is concealed and cannot be accessed to be replaced after use or for refilling.

In addition, some disposables don't require you to press a "firing" button to activate the coil and heat the vape juice. You may simply inhale the vapour directly from the mouthpiece. For first-time vape users, the auto-firing function will make the device more familiar, making it easier to transition from smoking to vaping.

Depending on the brand and your preferences, a disposable vape pen can provide between 500 and 600 puffs.

Why Use a Disposable Vape Pen?

There are four big reasons why you should use a disposable vape pen: Convenience, cost, environment, and simplicity.


Disposable vape pens have the advantage of being the most hassle-free option. There is no need to charge the vaporizer before each usage because the battery usually lasts a long time. They are already ready for use, eliminating the need for you to do anything before using them. Since they are discarded when they are emptied, there is no need for upkeep or cleaning.

The compact size is an added bonus. Disposable vapes are compact and robust enough to be carried around in a user's bag or pocket. Those who already have vape mods or pod systems often buy disposables for convenience while traveling.


One of their main selling features is how inexpensive they are.
Their inexpensive cost makes them accessible to more people and allows for more spontaneous buying. Vaping with disposables is inexpensive and of great quality. Non-disposable vaporizers have a greater up-front price but save money in the long run. You may save the most money without sacrificing quality by purchasing vape pens in bulk.

However, in the long term, disposables can be quite expensive if you’re planning on ever only using disposable vapes.


Disposables don't have to be durable, thus their designs also reflect that. The end result is a reliable item with almost no variation. These vape pens provide a premium vaping experience that requires no upkeep or diminishing returns.
Additionally, they are very straightforward to use, making them the best choice if you’re still starting to transition from smoking. You don’t have to think about changing tanks, coils, or batteries — at least, not yet.


Don’t get us wrong, anything disposable and single-use is bad for the environment if it’s not disposed of properly. This is not necessarily true with disposables, though. Disposable vaporizers of good quality utilize little power, burn cleanly, and have leak-proof designs. Which are all safe for the planet.
Additionally, some distributors have their own pen recycling initiatives to collect, refurbish, and restock used pens. There will be less trash, fewer expenses, and a better reputation as a whole.

What Are The Risks Of Disposable Vape Pens?

The risks of disposables are mostly linked to your health and the people around you. When compared to other vape products, disposables provide no additional safety risks. While they aren't completely risk-free, they're still much better for your health than regular cigarettes.

Even according to the Canadian Government, tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals, while vaping products create only a fraction of that, with lower amounts of some of the potentially dangerous ones. Although vaping aerosol contains trace amounts of chemicals and metals that have been linked to cancer, these amounts are much lower than those found in cigarette smoke.

We won’t lie to you, though, that doesn't make vaping completely safe.
Nicotine, which is found in vaping products (often in the form of nicotine salts in disposable vapes), is not hazardous but can be addicting. A nicotine-free disposable is recommended if you are not using disposables as a smoking substitute or to satisfy nicotine cravings. Some people may also have reactions to the flavorings in disposables' e-liquid. It's important to remember that studies on vaping's long-term impacts are still in their infancy.

Additionally, while vaping devices are safer than smoking cigarettes, they nevertheless expose you and your unborn child to substances with health hazards, including nicotine. If you want to quit vaping while pregnant, talk to your doctor about your choices.

Factors to Look for When Buying Disposable Vape Pens

1. Label

Warning, ingredients, caution, flavour, and potency data are all prominently displayed on the labels of vape products. If you have any allergies, you have to be vigilant about the ingredients of the vape juice inside a disposable vape pen.

Some vape brands also have authenticity markers on the label or box of the vape. You can verify the genuineness of your vape goods by looking for a sticker or label on the side of the package. Using the brand's official website and the security code, you can verify the product's authenticity.

2. Puffs

Disposables offer anything from 600 to more than 4000 inhalations. Small-puff vapes are portable and easy to use on the go because of their compact design. In contrast, larger puffs are more substantial. When shopping for a disposable vape, keep this in mind.

Here at Hazetown, we offer some of the best disposables, with puff counts that will last for weeks. Vice disposables are some of our most popular products. They come in a variety of flavours, from lychee, mango, mint, and more. The powerful 1000mAh built-in battery allows for up to 2500 draws. Featuring a MESH coil with a resistance of 1.2 ohms, it produces a flavorful, rich vapour and an ideal throat hit.

3. Battery life

In terms of "puffs," or the standard 2-second draw time, the battery life of disposable vapes is quantified. Make sure your disposable vape device has a longer battery life and is suitable for your vaping habits before making a purchase. A vape kit with lithium-ion batteries is the better option because they last longer.

Disposables are designed to last for between 200 and 400 hits. Interestingly, the equivalent of about 20 cigarettes is 400 puffs on a vape.

The standard battery capacity for a disposable vape pen is 280 mAh, however, some can have about 1000 mAh. You can expect its battery and e-liquid to give up the more you use it. Regular smokers may need a new disposable more frequently than heavy hitters.

4. E-liquid capacity

However, the amount of vape juice it can hold is just as crucial as how long the battery will last.

The number of hits you can receive from a disposable vape pen depends on its vape juice. Single-use vapes vary in capacities, but can typically be between 2mL to 10mL. Larger capacities tend to be bulkier and have more powerful batteries.

Note that the vape juice capacity of your disposable will also be a factor in how long it can last. In some cases, non-rechargeable vape pens run out of vape juice before the battery dies, and you’d still have to toss it away because you can’t refill their tanks.

5. Budget

Before purchasing a disposable vape pod, it is also necessary to evaluate your financial situation. The cost can vary from $2 to $20, depending on the amount of e-juice, the disposable vape brand, and the number of hits. The number of expected hits per product is often used as a price metric in vape shops.

6. Flavour

Adding a flavour to your vape juice is the cherry on top of the vaping experience. Flavours are practically what make vaping fun for some people because of the wide variety of options available.

At Hazetown, ALLO offers the most variety of flavours you can choose from. Allo disposable vape pens feature 1000mAh battery capacities and 6.8ml E-Liquid capacities, providing approximately 1600+ puffs. Check out our online store for more disposable vape options.

7. Nicotine content

If you want to utilize disposable vape devices to help you quit smoking, the amount of nicotine they claim to contain will play a significant role in your final selection. Nicotine levels often range from 0% to 5% across different brands, with the latter being the optimal choice for those attempting to kick the habit.

If you want to learn more about this vape device, check out this page as we give you everything you need to know about disposable vape pens.