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Hazetown Vapes is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment option for our enormous selection of vaping products and accessories. This is great news for both us and our customers, and here's why.

Bitcoin - also sometimes abbreviated as BTC- is basically a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency that doesn't belong to any central authority and is instead hosted on a decentralized ledger of cryptographically secured transactions called the blockchain.

A single Bitcoin can be worth thousands of dollars, and its value changes constantly against government currencies like the U.S or Canadian dollar, but because any one Bitcoin can also be divided down to as many as 100 million units for small transactions, you can own or trade almost any fraction of it for small purchases anywhere BTC is accepted.

Major services like Coinbase, which Hazetown Vapes uses to accept Bitcoin, make buying your own BTC extremely easy, since they let you set up an account, connect it to a bank account or credit/debit card and start buying or selling Bitcoins in no time.

Here's what makes Bitcoin so wonderful for sites like Hazetown Vapes and its customers.

1. Bitcoin is completely international

Anyone can send Bitcoin to anyone else anywhere in the world in just seconds or minutes and they can do this 24 hours per day, 365 days per year regardless of holidays or bank closures. The Bitcoin blockchain is running constantly across a whole decentralized network of computers and servers all around the globe. No more worries about bank failures or downed CC platforms.

2. Bitcoin offers security to sellers

Once you buy or send someone Bitcoin, the money is there right away. It can't normally be revoked, frozen or taken away by a third party of any kind.

3. Bitcoin can be cheaper to use

Typical transaction fees for credit and debit card transactions or payments through services like Paypal cost 2.5% or more of whatever amount is sent. With Bitcoin, a tiny flat fee is applied to every transaction through direct transfers between wallets and it doesn't change with larger payment amounts. Cryptocurrency payment platforms like Coinbase normally charge less than 1%

4. Bitcoin keeps you safe from snoops and buying restrictions

Want to buy something that you don't want appearing on your credit card statements? Bitcoin is a solution. If you already own a certain amount of Bitcoin and use it to directly buy vaping equipment, smoking accessories or anything else that's part of your private life, using Bitcoin online is as anonymous as buying products in person with cash as far as banking or credit card statements are concerned.

5. Bitcoin offers safety against fraud

Bitcoin also lets you buy from websites like Hazetown Vapes without giving over your vulnerable credit card information. It's a basic reality of modern digital life that payment processing databases sometimes get hacked, exposing private credit card information that can be used for fraud. Using Bitcoin for online shopping can dramatically impact your exposure to these types of insecurities.

So what are you waiting for! Take advantage of today's high priced bitcoin value and stock up on your favorite vape!

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