Federal Nicotine Cap to Take Effect on July 23rd

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The Canadian federal government will be publishing regulations for the federal nicotine cap. The transition is scheduled for release on June 23rd. This rule will effectively limit the nicotine and all e-liquids to a maximum of 20 mg/ml. This new regulation will fully come into force 15 days after the publication, July 8th, and retailers have 15 days after that to liquidate stock. So, in summary, all e-liquid sold within Canada after July 23rd will be capped at 20 mg/ml. That goes for both freebase and salt nicotine. Some had speculated that DIY would be kind of the saving grace for this nicotine cap. However, this new regulation also affects DIY nicotine concentrate.

Canada is slowly following in the same footsteps as Europe did with the TPD compliance, both good and bad. The overall topic of nicotine caps has sparked many debates. Some people are for it while some are against it. Regardless of your views on a nicotine cop, it is still being implemented.

Ways to cope with the changes

People can make this transition over to this 20 milligrams knit cap easier by:

Stocking up and tapering down

If you are currently vaping on nicotine strengths that are 40 mg/ml or higher, we recommend stocking up. This way you can slowly lower the strength to help lower your nicotine intake. For example: If you are vaping 45 milligrams, you should pick up a few bottles in 45, 40, 35, so on and so forth. That way, over time, you can slowly lower your nicotine intake, and your body will gradually get used to it. The ideal plan here is that with all of the liquids you stocked up on in various strengths, you won't even need anything higher than 20 milligrams by the time that nicotine cap kicks in. However, if you rely on DIY e-liquid, it might be a good time to stock up on nicotine concentrate.

Switch to freebase

If it is a throat hit that you are looking for and have only been vaping salt nicotine e-liquids, it would be best to consider trying the switch over to freebase. Even though you are taking less nicotine per puff, an 18-milligram freebase e-liquid would have a similar throat hit to something around a 40 milligrams salt nicotine e-liquid. It will not be precisely the same again from a throat hit perspective, but it will be a little comparative.

One thing that puts many people's minds at ease is that before salt nicotine, freebase helped millions of people quit smoking. So if you have only ever vaped salt nicotine e-liquids and 20 milligrams salts, give freebase a try. 

Try out a different setup that would output more power

To make up for the lower nicotine, you could get a more robust setup. The more power you are using, the more vapor your device will produce. Due to the increased volume of vapor, you will in turn notice that your device delivers more nicotine compared to a small, low-power device. It could be as simple as getting a lower resistance coil for your current setup, or if you are already on the most potent pod or coil, you could look into a new setup with higher power output.

July 23rd will mark the date of a 20 milligram NIC cap within Canada. Are you ready? Contact Hazetown Vapes to get quality NIC caps that are per the federal regulations.

Federal nicotine cap to take effect on July 23rd

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