FDA Bans Flavored Vaping

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FDA Bans Flavored Vaping

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) kicked off the new decade by banning flavored vape pods — replaceable canisters, filled with e-liquids, also called "e-juice" and "vape juice." This comes as a hit to the U.S. markets, where the vaping industry has grown exponentially in recent years, especially in the types of "closed" systems that the ban applies to. Now the only two flavors still for sale are tobacco and menthol.

U.S. consumers certainly recognize the name JUUL, belonging to the top-selling portable, rechargeable vaporizer on the market. When the news was made public on January 2, 2020, JUUL had already taken its flavored pods off the American market due to concerns that its products were ending up in the hands of underage users. The age at which it's legal to purchase and use tobacco products is 21 in the United States.

These were the same concerns that the U.S. government and the FDA expressed when they ended a year of deliberation by announcing that other makers of disposable vape pods were told that they had 30 days to stop selling their products to U.S. consumers.

This piece discusses some of the cited concerns that sparked the decision, which products the decision applies to, and how you can find these products at a vape shop in Canada.

What Do People Have Against Vaping?


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One of the reasons why vaping is considered taboo in the United States is that these devices, in particular, have been adopted by the "party culture" in populations of high school and college students. This is a real concern — and it explains the ban of flavors popular with younger users, including fruit and mint. With that in mind, vaping is marginally safer than smoking cigarettes.

There's also the belief that vaporizers and vape cartridges are unregulated. This is far from the case. While government regulators admit that products (including vape pods) are not treated with the strict standards applied to some other food items and medications, the FDA still has oversight over everything sold.

In Canada, the market is certainly well-regulated. Health Canada has final oversight — with the warrant to test everything under a number of different laws — before it's sold.

Other reasons why e-cigarettes are demonized in American culture? One major one is the skepticism around whether or not vaping actually prevents people from taking part in more dangerous activities, like smoking cigarettes. A number of studies — like this one from the United Kingdom — have shown that vaping actually helps people quit smoking.

It's true that JUUL seems to be on its last legs, mainly due to a flood of lawsuits stemming from its popularity in the United States, but other makers of closed vape systems in Canada are still doing great business. Flavored PHIX pods, STLTH pods, KILO pods, and MYLÉ pods offer vape enthusiasts a wide variety of flavors on the north side of the border.

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