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Vaping has become popular in Canada, as more and more people switch from smoking tobacco to the safer electronic alternatives. Tobacco use in Canada is down to just 19.9 percent of people by 2011, from over 25 percent 10 years earlier. Many of the people who've given up harmful cigarettes have found vaping to be a great substitute, and more than a few people who've never smoked are choosing e-cigarettes. Hazetown Vapes is the e-cigarette shop in Toronto where they're finding their favorite flavors and accessories, and what we're hearing from customers in our Toronto e-cigarette stores is that they're vaping for several reasons.

It's Safer than Smoking Burning Tobacco

The first reason people are choosing e-cigarettes in Toronto is for their health. The fumes from e-cigarettes only contain a fraction of the literally thousands of harmful chemicals cigarettes carry. Except for nicotine, there's not much in the output of an e-cigarette than water vapor, vegetable glycerin and the flavoring agents that give the e-juice its aroma. Better still, the e-cigarettes Toronto stores carry can accommodate liquid vape with much lower (or no) nicotine than cigarettes, while other mixes we have at Hazetown Vapes can have more nicotine than a cigarette without the danger of breathing the fumes of burning plant matter that make tobacco so risky.

Vaping is Cheaper than Buying Cartons of Cigarettes

Another reason we see people in our e-cigarettes Toronto stores is the cost of vaping, which is far less than what it costs to smoke tobacco these days. The typical e-cigarette Toronto vape shops carry has four components: mouthpiece, heating element, battery and a chamber for the e-juice. Of these, you're rarely going to have to replace the battery, and the mouthpiece and heater last a really long time before they have to be replaced. That just leaves the consumables, or the e-juice, that you have to keep fresh. The daily cost of this is considerably less than the equivalent cost of buying packs of cigarettes, and Hazetown Vapes' selection of e-juice in Toronto has a lot of lower-priced options for you to try out.

Vaping Smells Better than Tobacco, Even Indoors

There's no denying that cigarettes have a certain smell to them, which has grown to be objectionable for many non-smokers. Even lifelong smokers rarely smoke indoors anymore, since even they don't like the odors and residue tobacco leaves on surfaces. Electronic cigarettes, vape pens and the other options you have for personal vaping don't do that, and it's hard to object to the aroma of apple cinnamon or Canadian Walnut, both of which Hazetown Vapes has in stock in our Toronto vape stores.

E-Cigarettes are Just Easier

If you've ever been a smoker, you know how complicated it can get. Smoking tobacco almost always requires you to carry your pack, a lighter or matches and something to dispose of them in, like an ashtray. Ashes make a mess, and hot ashes are a fire hazard. The City of Toronto reports that much of the litter they deal with is made of cigarette butts, which can take up to 12 years to break down.

Vaping is far easier and safer. Your vape pen is often the only thing you need to carry with you, and you never need an ashtray again. There's no litter from vaping, and accidental fires are unheard of. Hazetown Vapes has everything you need to get started vaping, or to refresh your supply of e-juice, accessories or mods. Stop by our e-cigarette store in Toronto today, and pick up a starter kit or refill today!

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