5 Incoming Vape Trends That Everybody Should Know About

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Everybody knows about how vaping has taken the world by storm with its E-cigarettes Toronto, E-juices Toronto, and better health for your lungs as compared to smoking. Even with people admitting that vaping is officially here, however, there's still a general sense of everyone wondering what's next for vape.

Although nobody can predict the future, there are still some trends that vapers should keep an eye out for in the coming year.

If you want to know what to expect with vape, then you definitely want to keep reading.

1. More Community

When vaping was first introduced to the public, a lot of people thought it was a passing trend. After all, nobody wants to throw everything into a fad that'll inevitably fizzle out.

Fast forward a few years later, however, and vaping is still here and isn't going anywhere.

In the coming years, you should expect to see a stronger sense of community amongst vapers. There will be more collaboration, more business partnerships, and closer ties in vaping culture.

2. Cloud Chasing

For the new and uninitiated, cloud hashing describes blowing the biggest Toronto Vapor clouds while vaping. This is something that has been happening for a while now in vaping culture, but you should still expect to see this trend continue to grow stronger.

Cloud chasing contests and groups are expected to continue popping up as the culture of vaping continues to solidify itself. You should expect to see vaping tricks get more impressive as the year goes on.

3. Vape Pens

Along with the cloud hashing tradition, expect to see a surge with Vape Pens Toronto as the year goes on. In terms of size and style, they're more convenient than the traditional e-cigs that many people are accustomed to.

These vape pens are available in both the direct draw lung and the mouth to lung style for additional options. Between the variety of colors along with the ability to choose between these styles, expect vape pens to dominate in the near future.

4. More International Regulation

Now that vaping is becoming more mainstream in the public eye, governments have begun taking notice. In the United States alone, there was a ton of discussion generated concerning the regulation of vaping. Similarly, the EU has also been discussing the use of vape. The primary concern for these governments is the safety and long-term health of consumers.

In the near future, expect to see more countries regulating, debating, and talking about regulating the use and sale of vapes.

5. More Innovative Products

Now that the vape market is maturing and clearly here to stay, be prepared to see a ton of exciting and increasingly innovative products for vape. Like what happened with the iPhone and the laptop before it, there will be more accessories and more innovation in the area of vape-related products.

People already loved vaping for its stylishness and its status as a healthy alternative to smoking, but expect to be amazed at the greater sophistication of the products on the market in the coming years.

At this point it's safe to say that vaping is going to be here for a long time. As far as the trends are concerned, what you're going to see is a general trend towards more sophistication. There's going to be more regulation, more and better devices, more community, and a greater emphasis on cloud hashing. Put simply, vaping can only continue to get better from here.