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    About Phix pods

    Phix pods are stylish vape devices that are easy to use and highly portable. The pre-installed pod that holds the juice in the mod that is 5% nicotine.
    Each phix cartridge gives vapers around 400-440 puffs that are quite satisfying for a vaper. The smooth ceramic finish of the pod makes it pleasing to touch. The phix pods are available at affordable prices

    Different Phix pods flavors and how to choose between them

    There are several phix flavors available. That’s one of the pros of using Phix pods. You can try them and decide the ones that you prefer. Here are some of the flavor profiles to choose from:
    Tobacco phix pods – The tobacco flavor is rich but does not overwhelm the vaper. It comes in all starter kits. Tobacco lovers will love this flavor as it is authentic.
    Butterscotch tobacco phix pods – Tobacco has a raw flavor but also contains hints of vanilla. This unusual and tempting flavor is an acquired taste.
    Strawberry phix pods – When it comes to flavors, this one is the most pronounced. If you are looking for a strong sweet flavor, then this one is your go-to flavor.
    Phix spearmint pods – There is nothing better than having fresh minty breath after every vape. The phix pod spearmint flavor will leave a crisp minty aftertaste in your mouth. The flavor is not overwhelming and has a cooling effect on your throat and mouth.
    Phix ice pods – If you love menthols then this is the flavor for you. It is a unique flavor that is pleasing for new and experienced vapers alike. You will also get a better throat hit especially with the nicotine pods.