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Nata E-Liquids burst on to the scene about 2 years and have developed a reputation world wide a one of the most premium lines of e-liquid in both VG and Nicotine Salts. Nata E-Liquids was the first and only company to a true and accurate e-liquid representation of Portugal's favorite pastry, Pastéis de Nata.
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Nata Eliquid Juice Portuguese custard tart Hazetown Vapes Toronto Ontario
Nata E Liquid
1 review
Nata e Liquid  Enjoy the flavor of the traditional Portuguese tart. Pastéis de nata is the treat, Portugal is most famous for. Crispy vanilla treats and topped with cinnamon. Includes: 60ml...
1 review
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Nata E-Liquid Salt Nicotine
2 Reviews
Nata Salt Nic e Liquid  The original Nata E-Liquid, now available in Salt Nicotine. Enjoy a crispy pastry shell filled with Vanilla Custard Brule, topped with Cinnamon and Caramelized Sugar....
2 Reviews