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Nata E-Liquids burst on to the scene about 2 years and have developed a reputation world wide a one of the most premium lines of e-liquid in both VG and Nicotine Salts. Nata E-Liquids was the first and only company to a true and accurate e-liquid representation of Portugal's favorite pastry, Pastéis de Nata.
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Nata Eliquid Juice Portuguese custard tart Hazetown Vapes Toronto Ontario

Nata E Liquid

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Nata e Liquid  Enjoy the flavor of the traditional Portuguese tart. Pastéis de nata is the treat, Portugal is most famous for. Crispy vanilla treats and topped with cinnamon. Includes: 60ml...
1 review
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Nata E-Liquid Salt Nicotine

Nata Salt Nic e Liquid  The original Nata E-Liquid, now available in Salt Nicotine. Enjoy a crispy pastry shell filled with Vanilla Custard Brule, topped with Cinnamon and Caramelized Sugar....
Nata Portuguese Raspberry Vanilla Custard Tart Salt Nic Dessert Vape Liquid Juice Hazetown Vapes Toronto

Nata Framboesa Salt Nic e Liquid

Nata Framboesa Salt Nic E-Liquid  The new Nata Framboesa you've grown to love, now in a smooth Salt Nicotine. Nata is Portugal's most famous pastry. Nata Framboesa is that same pastry...