Peach Lemonade NicQuid E-Juice

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Sweet and tart! The perfect vape on a hot summers day! If you are a lemonade fan this is a must! 

NicQuip: Lemonade originated in France, It was simply water with some pure lemon juice added for a spritz of flavor, but it was Americans who added the Sweet!!! And NicQuid keeping with tradition certainly brings the sweet! You know what they say; When life gives you lemonade… you’re pretty much done for the day, 
NicQuid® e-liquids are made from the finest GRAS, food grade artificial and natural flavorings. What you will never find in our e-liquid products are artificial dyes, artificial colors, added alcohol, or added water. To that, NicQuid® e-liquids start and end with the best.

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