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LG 18650-HG2 20A 3000MAH Battery

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These 18mm batteries are very impressive. They were made for 18650 compatible Box Mods and 22-23mm Tube Mods. They are an upgrade of the HE2/HE4 battery which was released in 2014. This cell is popular because it is both high-capacity and high-drain. Their capacity is 3000mAh and the maximum load is 20A. They are the perfect choice for low resistance Sub-Ohm vaping.

The batteries are long-lasting and effective. They last much longer than other batteries with a similar capacity and discharge. They do not overheat and you do not have to worry about frequent shorts or other common battery problems.

Both standard and quick charge are great but fast charging may reduce the battery's life cycle. The battery's nominal Voltage is 3.6V and full charge Voltage is 4.2V.

If you are looking for maximum capacity and amperage, this is the right choice for you. The LG 18650-HG2 20A 3000mAh Battery has a capacity that you won't find on other high-drain cells. Check out the manufacturers specifications below for in-depth detail.


Manufacturer's listed Specifications: 

High Drain- 20A constant current, 35A pulse current load. 
Model: LG 18650 HG2 
Nominal Capacity: 3000mAh 
Nominal Voltage: 3.6V 
Full charge Voltage: 4.2V 
Operating Temperature (cell surface): Charge 0 ~ 50℃ , Discharge -20 ~ 75℃ 
Diameter : 18.3 + 0.2/-0.3 mm ( Max. 18.5 mm ) 
Height : 65.0 ± 0.2 mm ( Max. 65.2 mm ) 
Weight Max. 48.0 g 
Positive terminal: Flat top
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LG 18650-HG2 20A 3000MAH Battery
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