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WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. - Health Canada

Vape Device Buying Guide FAQs

By Chris Matthews April 20, 2022

It might be difficult to know what's best for you as you begin vaping. There are various sorts of
vape devices available on the market, each tailored to provide a different experience than the next. This guide explains the different types of vapes, what they do, as well as how they operate in an effort to help you choose the best set for your unique needs and circumstances.

First, we need to address some of the most frequently asked questions about vaping.

How Does Vaping Work?

Vaping is the process of inhaling vapor produced by a vape device. When you vape, you're heating up liquid (usually referred to as e-juice or e-liquid) and turning it into vapor, which is then inhaled, delivering nicotine (if present in the e-juice) and other chemicals. The process of vaping does not involve combustion, so it's considered a more health-conscious choice than smoking cigarettes.

The different styles of vaping

The two types of vaping are MTL (mouth-to-lung) and DTL (direct-to-lung).

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping

The MTL style of vaping is typically referred to as the traditional of the two, and creates vapor that is breathed in like a cigarette. MTL vaping, which is similar to smoking, involves sucking the vapor produced from the e-liquid in short puffs and holding it in your mouth before inhaling. This process allows the user to enjoy the flavor of the e-liquid while also getting a nicotine hit and is most closely associated with plus-ohm vaping, as it best replicates the experience of smoking a cigarette. It is usually done with high resistance coils and uses less power than other vaping styles.

Direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping

DTL stands for direct-to-lung vapor, and it's the method of choice when people want a smoother throat hit. It's more common with sub-ohm vaping and uses higher wattage than MTL vaping. When you DTL vape, you take a deep breath in, similar to taking a deep breath from a balloon. The vapor goes straight to your lungs, and you exhale soon after. DTL (direct to lung) is a less intense form of vaping than MTL, and it's done with sub-ohm vaping, which means using a coil with a resistance of less than one ohm.

Sub-ohm vaping

When you look for a new vape gadget to purchase, the word "sub-ohm" may come up. This term refers to coils with a resistance of less than one ohm. Sub-ohm vaping is different from other types of vaping because it uses more power and produces more vapor. This is so because Sub-ohm vaping allows the coil to get hotter, which results in a warmer vapor, drier hit, and larger clouds. Just remember that sub-ohm vaping uses more of your cell, so ensure your device is fully charged or carries a spare cell.

Plus-ohm vaping

Plus-ohm refers to coils with a resistance of more than 1.0 ohms. This type of vaping has become increasingly popular as it offers a more cigarette-like draw with many modern vapes now being plus-ohm and utilize coils in the 1.0-2.5ohm range. Plus-ohm coils are perfect for MTL vaping and produce less vapor than sub-ohm vaping.

What types of vape devices are available?

Hazetown Vapes provides a selection of vape products, including MTL and DTL vaping devices, as well as disposable vapes and high-powered mods.

Disposable vapes

Pre-filled and pre-charged disposable vape devices offer themselves as the ideal alternative for smokers as they are designed to simulate the sensation of smoking a cigarette with MTL vaping. These devices, like the ENVI APEX 2500 Disposable vape, offer a convenient way for people to decide whether vaping is for them before committing to any reusable device.

We offer a wide range of disposable vape devices starting at $3.39, with a large choice of flavors and types accessible, so there's never been a better time to make the switch to vaping!

Vape pens

Vape pens are tiny, but powerful gadgets that are often refillable and rechargeable. They're a great way to start vaping because they're usually simple to use with one-button operation. Vape pens come in both MTL and DTL styles, so you can choose the type of vaping that you prefer.

Pod systems

Pod systems are tiny and feature long-lasting cells that make them extremely handy. Nic salts, which are less refined than E-liquids and provide a more intense nicotine hit, are usually used in pod systems. Pod systems are designed for MTL vaping, however pod mods that can also be used with DTL and MTL atomizers are also available.

Box mod kits

Box mods are the most sophisticated and feature-rich e-cigarettes on the market. They're often preferred by seasoned vapers because they may be quickly customized to your liking with different atomizers, coils, and tanks.

While Box Mod Kits are more commonly used for DTL vaping they might occasionally support MTL vaping as well.

What are the different parts of a vape device?

Unless you own disposable vape devices, sooner or later, you will have to change a part of your vape, whether it’s the coil, cell, pod, or tank.

The coil

The coil's function is to convert the combustible liquid into vapor by heating it. The coils will need to be replaced every few days to a fortnight, depending on how much you vape. You will know that your coil needs to be replaced when the vapor produced starts to taste burnt.

Our wide selection of coils has something for everyone, whether you're using a sub-ohm or plus-ohm device.

The tank

The tank is where your vape juice is kept before it's sent to the coil for heating. Tanks do not have to be replaced as frequently as coils, but they may need to be cleaned occasionally as E-liquid can build up and clog the tank.

For new tanks, Hazetown Vapes is the place to go. We have simple tanks, sub-ohm tanks, pod systems, and a selection of Rebuildable drip atomizers (RDA) and rebuildable (RTA) tanks.


A pod system does not have a tank, but it does feature refillable pods. Rechargeable pods may be quickly refilled with your favorite vape juice and are usually used with Nic Salts.

Discover your next favorite flavor by exploring our extensive range of vape juices, including tobacco and menthol E-liquids that perfectly replicate the experience of smoking a cigarette, and sweet flavors, like the very popular Vuse / Vype ePod Blueberry.

The cell (battery)

Because the battery on your vape device won't last forever, you'll either need to charge it with a USB cable or replace the battery depending on the type of device you own. Unless, of course, you own a disposable device.


Finally, you've learned all there is to know about the many types and styles of vape devices accessible to you. Explore our full selection of vapes, vape juices, and vape accessories to find everything you need to start vaping today!

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